valley. volume seven.

this week has been bitter sweet. one of my colleagues had her last day in our office. over the past 2 years i've shared a lot of things with her: our desk space, stress over chinese visas, work coverage for one another, some crazy nights, and lots of fun in the office {and out of the office!} it wont be the same to come into work on monday and not have her there. but life goes on, her wedding will happen, visas will still need to be processed, and i couldn't be happier for her as she starts the next chapter in her life! to celebrate her last day we had an afternoon outing for cookies. hence her departure being bitter sweet. get it? 

i'm so happy for her, but sad to say good bye. i mean no one likes good-byes. with my friend starting a new chapter in her life, i think its only logical that i've began to think about the next chapter in my life. hmmm, thinking...thinking....thinking.....hmmmm.......other than some small blog goals, i don't know my next long life goal. good thing is, i have all weekend to ponder this.  so stay tuned...

in the mean time i'm off to shop at the randolph street market and you can enjoy looking at the photos of our sweet treats from yesterday. when i ate mine it was "bitter-sweet." 

chocolate chip cookie
oreo cookie whoopie pie

frosted sugar cookie* and my friends beautiful engagement ring

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