cake. chronicle seven.

both valley & i have alluded to this "big move" i made this past spring but i've never really given many details. welp, as it turns out i'm married to a college coach and last spring he took another job. so, we hiked our little butts, slowly but surely, across the country. the worst part of the move has been adjusting to being far from family {sad face} however, there are tons of up sides to moving. lots of new cute little east coast towns to visit, wearing all my old clothes and somehow feeling like they are "new" because everything & everyone else is new to me, great local restaurants to taste, and of course there is a new team to cheer on.

the season finally started on friday and the team looked great. they won their exhibition game 5-0!!! score {literally}!!!!! i'm going to try and keep a little running recap for each game so that i can update anyone & everyone who is interested!! (maybe a new blog page? thoughts?)

i can't wait until next friday night when the team takes the field again. 
for me it will be the big friday night game, i'll be in my version of a college t-shirt, and i'll be cheering on my man. GO BIG GREEN!!

xo. cake.

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