last night. cake & valley.

welp, valley is back in chicago & cake is still chilling in new hampshire. our time together is over for now; but, we'll be reunited again in just a few weeks!  we had one last blow out meal before we separated. we made a reservation at cake's favorite joint for dinner, and despite ridiculously slow service we had a fantastic evening.  we made a full night out on the town by capping our dinner off with the best gelato this side of the atlantic ocean. valley was craving the pistachio flavor, while cake made her own nutella creation by getting both the dark chocolate& hazelnut gelato.  we're fancy.

and our dear sweet readers, have no fear, by the looks of the last few blog posts you might have thought we turned into a food blog. we promise we did do more then eat when we were together, we also took over 1300 style pictures. so lots more style inspiration coming at ya!

xo. cake & valley.

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