cake. chronicle four.

my tiny dresser, with all the important stuff: teasing brush, aveda, and chanel.

lots of pillows and a little bench in our new living room.

some white vases from my wedding to decorate the bathroom. 
(also seen here in valley's apartment!)
i thrifted over 40 different styles, painted them all white & used them for the floral centerpieces.

as you all know i moved a few weekends back. so my life has pretty much consisted of unpacking and organizing all the stuff my husband and i seem to have acquired in the last few years. (seriously, where did all this stuff come from?) it's been great to take my time and throw away/donate items that we never use; especially the items neither of us even knew we had! as the unpacking continues, and we actually hang some of our art work up, i'll be sure to post more pictures so you can see the progress. all my stuff looks pretty lonely with the bare walls.

hope all you readers out there are having a great weekend. soak up the last few hours of sunday and get ready to take monday!

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