behind the scenes with georgina. cake & valley.

as promised {and seriously requested by friends & family} we're sharing some behind the scene photos with little georgina. for such a tiny thing she sure makes having a blog & taking blog photos different! guess that was to be expected, but living it is an adjustment! obviously this adjustment is one we're more than happy to make! seriously, when we're all together it's like it's always been us three doing this blog. we even have a band name for the three of us- gigi & the twinkles. pretty fantastic right :)

hope you enjoy the pictures & happy "we're half way to the weekend" wednesday!


cake & valley.

^^^ georgina just checking herself out in the mirror & giggling with aunt valley.

^^^she always loves when she's in her swimsuit, means we're going to the pool. which just so happens to be her favorite place in the entire world! you should hear the screams of excitement she lets out when she know where we are!

^^^ couldn't you just eat up those little rolls & that little booty. scrumptiously adorable!

^^^ always investigating something new! {ps we look great! ha}

^^^^ trying to get a good mother daughter picture. fail.

^^^ as soon as the berries arrive she always dig right in & shoves as many into her little mouth as possible. the juice just runs down her chin as she shoves more in the next time!

^^^ how sweet is this moment between aunt valley & little gigi. heart melting, puddle on the floor.

^^^ acting shy for the camera. 

^^^ yogurt bites & car keys keep her pretty occupied during our photo shoots. 

^^^ dad, the best jungle-gym-high-flying-machine around. when she hears the door from the garage close she crawls as fast as she can to the the stairs that lead up from our basement garage to see him. it's literally the cutest thing you've ever seen.

^^^ attack of the tickle-mom-ster.

^^^ gimme-gimme-gimme.

^^^ picking out some hair-ties.

^^^ getting those piggy-tails in! 

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