25. valley.

here i am, summed up by bullet points. enjoy these 25 facts and have a great weekend.

valley & cake (just testing out how it feels to go before the "&" sign...)

  1. i'm four minutes younger than cake, which makes me the youngest of four girls.
  2. i'm not adventurous with nail polish colors- red & gray are the only colors i get.
  3. i've worn the same make-up since i was a freshman in high school; with the exception of red lip stain.
  4. i hate super high heels and think 90% of the time they are unflattering.
  5. i drive a green VW beetle.
  6. champagne is my preferred drink, but i limit myself to two glasses because i've made the mistake of not doing that before. 
  7. if possible champagne should be served in a saucer/coupe and not a flute. 
  8. a good scarf should be full when wrapped and can be worn with anything & in all four seasons.
  9. i love kempt facial hair. (on men...just to be clear!)
  10. i'm a gift card hoarder, it's impossible for me to decide what to spend them on.
  11. instagram is my prefered social media platform.
  12. i had my nose pierced for a good 36 hours before i was over it. 
  13. i've lived in NYC, Chicago, and London; but nothing compares to home {aka Indiana.}
  14. i'm always one hair cut away from getting bangs . . .  but didn't they just grow out?
  15. i've worn glasses since seventh grade, but complained about not being able to see the blackboard since i was in third grade. (thanks mom and dad!)
  16. on my soccer team when i was little we had a rotating schedule of goalies so everyone had to do it, when it was my turn i took a ball straight to my face with out even putting my hands up to stop it. i never had to play goalie again.
  17. i love chocolate malts but hate chocolate milk shakes. 
  18. i have a complex about everything being too short on me. thank god for the midi length!
  19. i have entire gchats of just .gifs with coworkers.
  20. i worry about everything. all. the. time. 
  21. going to the movie theater by myself is just as fun as going with a friend.
  22. sneaking a chipotle burrito into the movie theater is the only way to see a movie. forget the popcorn. 
  23. root beer floats, s'mores, and strawberry short cake are the best summer desserts.
  24. celebrating my 30th birthday in wine country with friends was the best birthday i've ever had. sadly one of my closest friends was sick and couldn't make it...but all the more reason to take another trip there, right!?
  25. i've recently become obsessed with infographics...who's with me on this one?

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