the end of the season. mr. coffee.

tonight marks the end of mr. coffee's first season coaching a new team; remember this post here (where it all started!) the season is always the best time to be related to a coach; games to attend, a team to cheer for, and lots of tailgating!!! tonight's game is being aired on the fox soccer channel. so if you happen to be a sports fan & more importantly you get the fox soccer channel, tune in at 7:00 pm and help cheer on dartmouth to a win!

you might just see cake sitting in the stands, bundled up in multiple layers {it's supposed to be around 34 degrees at kick off, that's 1 in celsius!}, and cheering on the big green!!!

congratulations on a great season mr. coffee.
you make us so proud.


cake & valley {and snoopy}


  1. Christopher SallakNovember 9, 2012 at 1:19 PM

    Love it! You crack me up. Congrats to "Mr. Coffee" on the first season.

    1. chris- you're so sweet!!! wish you had been here to go to the game with!!! {which we won}
      might be back at ND for a game around turkey day, let's meet up!!

      xo. c & v