lets talk snow. cake & valley.

okay first things first . . . where did october go?!?!? now that we have that awkward moment of disbelief out of the way lets start celebrating the season of turkey, napping, and lots of family time :) the first of november marks a big change in our wardrobe . . . winter boots! we set a pretty strict rule for ourselves that snow footwear can not make an appearance prior to 11/1.

we also received a few requests from readers to suggest a few alternatives of winter snow boots that are not uggs. don't get us wrong, we <3 our uggs but a girl needs options. right?!?! so take a look at the style board we put together for your viewing pleasure. hope you find a few options that peak your interest. we also outlined a few of our winter boot rules. so take a look!

xo. cake & valley

winter snow.

shortie boots: bows/ maroon wedge/ red laces/ hidden wedge

  1. winter boots can not be worn before november first and must be put away by st. patrick's day.
  2. winter boots can not be worn to any sort of social gathering.
  3. winter boots are acceptable for all outdoor sporting events, walking your dog, going to and from the gym, and running one or two quick errand.
  4. winter boots can be worn at all times when snow has been consistently present for more then ten days and/or there is more then a foot & a half of it on the ground. lets hope we don't have to put this rule into practice often.
  5. winter boots can be worn when commuting to & from work, but never worn in a professional setting.
  6. lastly, rules are meant to be broken! 


  1. wish it would cool down in San Diego so I could rock my boots

    xoxo navy & orange

  2. I absolutely the Sorel Black and tan boots- so cute for winter!!

    xx Lynzy

  3. I love those Hunters! I really want a pair of bright red ones for the cold winter months... not that I need them, seeing as I have two pairs of rainboots already but they're just so much fun! :)