let's be (facebook) friends. cake & valley.

its true. we're now on facebook. we can officially be (facebook friends) come take a look. today is our 5 month anniversary of being bloggers. pretty crazy. life has certainly made for a fun five months. blogging has reinvigorated our creative juices, helped us make some new blogging friends, and helped us remember how much fun the two of us can still have with each other even though we live almost a 1000 miles apart!

by "like-ing" us on facebook you'll be able to see our most recent posts pop up in your newsfeed. it's the easiest way to make sure you don't miss out on when our posts go live :) {we also realize not all of our readers have the book, so we'll also be doing a google/g-mail reader tutorial soon, so you can add us to your e-mail feed, another amazing way to keep up with us!!!}

twins & best friends forever!

xo. cake & valley

now get you butt over to our facebook page, like us, & keep up with our newest posts :)

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