valley. volume two.

white vases

white headband

white nails and pjs
white shoes
so my current obsession is white. i love the color, or the lack there of. memorial day is just around the corner, but i've already been wearing my white jeans, white shoes, and white accent accessories (like the little white headband). but now the pinnacle of my love for this color: white nails. after i got my most recent manicure i went out to eat and the waiter at the restaurant asked me if i was wearing white-out on my nails. i took it as compliment and politely told him "no, but it would have been cheaper."on my nails i have blanc by essie, the coverage was good and opaque. so to me, forget trends and most of the fashion rules out there: and wear what you love because you'll look fabulous in it. 

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