cake & valley. nailed it.


barbie pink.

deep red.


purple {heart}

kelly green & white.


neon pink.

melon pink.

bright red.


we both love to play around with our nail colors- it's the easiest way to try out some of the upcoming season colors. this past winter & early spring we were both into different variations of red & their cousin colors: purple and pink. we never worry too much about wearing light colors in the summer and dark in the winter, sometimes it's the juxtaposition of nail color and season that makes having your nails done so fun. this should always be an easy way to accent your outfits (and at the end of the day if you hate the color you've got painted on, you can take it off and start all over the next day.) it's the best {cheap} accessory that keeps on giving all season long.

current color crushes: 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5

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