work style. valley.

TGIF guys!!!! it's been a while but we're finally getting a post up & running!!! awe-sh-ume! and next week we'll finally be reunited and can take another round of outfit posts. please contain your excitement. today we're sharing valley's late winter & early spring work style. the transitional weather always makes getting ready for the day tough. some mornings it's cold and by mid afternoon the sun is out and the temperatures have risen by 20 degrees . . . . ugh . . . . stupid weather! the one word solution to this problem - LAYERS! layers add great depth to a look and allow you to easily adjust your look through out the day to reflect the any and every temperature shift. however, the weather finally seems to have evened out and the warm weather has officially rolled in!!!!

enjoy the post today, have a fantastic weekend, & we'll see you all next week.
{if you're interested in any outfit details just leave a comment and we'll get back to you with about all the where & what!}


cake & valley

 same coat

same scarf

 same cardigan

 same skirt

 same pants.

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  1. All these looks are cute on you, love seeing how you style something different ways.