three is our new favorite number. cake & valley.

yesterday our little blog turned three.  it's been a slow year on hear mainly due to a little thing called life! which in all honesty is okay with us.  we miss the daily outfit photo taking, the editing, and the posting but we'll get back into the full swing of things soon. we're just taking our time {and if you know us personally, that shouldn't surprise you!!!} the last year has brought many smiles, tears, laughs, sorrow, joy, anxiety, and an abundance of love. so, all you hundreds of thousands of readers out there {note sarcasm} join us in wishing our blog a very happy birthday.  we <3 our little space of the internet & all the readers who join us.

plus stayed tuned because in our next post we're finally showing you the armoire we built and cake's master bedroom! get excited!!!


cake & valley.

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  1. Cannot wait for the big reveal and congrats on year 3!