black & navy. valley.

boyfriend jeans & BF blazer.
there's definitely a new trend going on in the fashion blog-a-sphere and it has a little something to do with showing everyone how to wear black & navy together. a think one very powerful woman or magazine once said you couldn't wear these two colors together & then everyone started to believe this false statement.  the good news of the day: the tables are starting to turn. we mean, look how good the colors are together?!?! both bold & powerful neutrals complement one another so effortlessly that when you pair them together you'll have an instant classic chic look.

hope this all makes sense and you feel empowered to now proudly wear your navy & black together!

xo. cake & valley

burn out baseball tee. 

blue velvet smoking shoes.

black & navy.

shirt: son of john, {similar here}, jeans: rich & skinny, shoes: urban outfitters, blazer: target {obsessed with this one!!!!}, clutch: vintage.


  1. Have you seen the Target blazer in person...it has sequins....guess who loves it??????

    1. we haven't seen it in person (have you?!?!?) but what a steal & from target!!!!
      maybe next time we're all together we can do a little shopping, right after we solve world peace :)

      miss you.
      xo. c & v

  2. I love black and navy! It's honestly one of my favorite color combos. I'm determined to get a pair of navy tights to wear this year with my black dresses and skirts. You look fabulous!

  3. Love the blue velvet shoes!!