cake. chronicle eight.

happy monday!!! sorry i didn't get this posted yesterday, i had a weird 24 hour bug and felt funny all day. happy to report it's gone today :)

here are a few pictures from my great trip to the wild wild west, new mexico! my mother-in-law and i made the long trek out there to watch mr. coffee's soccer team play in a soccer tournament. lucky for us when you head to a soccer tournament, as a fan, there isn't much to do between the friday night & sunday game except hang out, shop, eat-out, and sight see. so, we did just that!!! our hotel was right across the street from a huge new outdoor shopping center. score. we spent a few hours there each day grabbing some caffeine,  dropping a few dollars on some new clothes, and getting grub!

we also made the one hour drive from albuquerque to santa fe.  what. a. beautiful. drive. unfortunately, this was the day i got the worst of my altitude sickness. not fun. thankfully i pushed through, with the help of some drugs & lots of water. i was not missing out on my own vacation!

okay take a look at some of the high-light pictures from the trip.
hope you enjoy.

xo. cake

in the wild west. a donkey welcomes us to santa fe.

mr. coffee coaching.

we took a gondola ride 2.7 miles up into the mountains. the ride & the views took my breath away.

one of the amazing views.

here are my two favorite looks from the weekend out west. we had beautiful sunny days and cooler nights. i want to make sure i thank my amazing mother-in-law for snapping some great photos for me & for also going on an amazing, starbucks filled, shopping-till-we-drop, driving around in a 2012 red ss camaro, beautiful trip out west :)


  1. love the pictures, both outfits are fab!

    Leopard and Lillies

  2. Ohh loving both of those outfits, perfect casual but colorful vibe, not the least bit touristy. It looks like you had a great visit, glad you're feeling better too!

  3. Wow. It's so gorgeous there! I'm jealous of your trip!

    xo, Emily