holiday sparkle. cake.

the whole less is more theory doesn't really apply to wearing sequins during the day- we feel that if you're bold enough to wear the day-quin look, you better live it up!!! the cake & valley theory to day-quins is that your sequins are bold so you better pair them with equally bold items to make the sequins not as flashy. in a sense more is less . . . . right?!?! so cake's bold gold sequin skirt pairs nicely with strong color blocking in red & black. add a dash of teal and her day-quin look is easy breezy peazy! we're liking this more is less theory, you should probably try it too :)

happy weekend.


cake & valley.

skirt: free people {last seen here, similar here}, sweater: vince {similar here}, jacket: j.crew, tank top: wet seal, tights: spanx, shoes: target {similar here}, necklace: ily couture, bag: vintage coach {thanks mom}


  1. I just wanted to say I love the word 'day-quin' and am going to have to figure out a way to use it today.

  2. LOVE that skirt at any hour! Nicely done!

    xx kelly

  3. Love the coat!
    Love G xx


  4. Love the hint of silver from the skirt! You look lovely.

    Stop by sometime, xo Natalie